Tommy Lee Jones follows Casey Affleck In Novel Adaptation Stoner

Tommy Lee Jones

Joe Wright has just tricked late Oscar-scorer Casey Affleck for the lead of his next film, Stoner. What’s more, now he’s including somebody who won a brilliant baldie a while back – Tommy Lee Jones is joining the cast.

Stoner finds adjusting John Williams’ novel, which takes after the life of William Stoner (Affleck), a poor agriculturist who turns into a scholastic, developing as an improbable legend while exploring the main portion of the twentieth Century. We don’t yet comprehend what Jones will do in the film, however we can speculate a glare or seven. Williams’ book is one of those uncommon tomes that didn’t strike the general population intrigue when it was initially distributed in 1965, however wound up noticeably known as a great when it was reissued in 2003.

Andrew Bovell composed the content, which Wright is making as his follow-up to Darkest Hour, which itself is as of now the subject of Oscar buzz, in any event for Gary Oldman’s execution as Winston Churchill.Joss Whedon’s Cut Of Justice League Won’t Be Like The Avengers, According To Ben Affleck

Jones has George Bush-period parody Shock And Awe made a beeline for screens nearby Just Getting Started, which is out on 1 December. What’s more, he’s been taping science fiction pic Ad Astra nearby Brad Pitt.