hummingbird:Olivia Munn Takes Over The Lead In Action Thriller Hummingbird


In spite of the fact that it gave off an impression of being moving towards a shoot back in February, with the contracting of Zoe Saldana for the lead part, activity spine chiller Hummingbird (nothing to do with the UK title of the 2013 Jason Statham film), hasn’t worked out that way. Presently Olivia Munn will fill the role.

Accuse the 46 Avatar continuations James Cameron has underway for this one: Saldana’s calendar is currently brimming with Pandora time thus the Hummingbird opening was going empty. Munn will play a female dark operations professional killer whose most recent stamp compels her to go up against her actual personality.

Swedish coordinating team Markus Kryler and Fredrik Akerstrom are dealing with this one, with John McClain (actually no, not that one – it’s an alternate spelling and he’s an anecdotal character) on content obligation. Expecting there are no further postponements, the motion picture ought to shoot soon.

Munn is playing Casey Bracket in The Predator, out on 3 August. She’ll additionally be found in Ocean’s Eight, which is hitting UK screens on 22 June.