Gordon-Levitt Featuring In 7500


The producers behind new plane fear based oppression spine chiller 7500 initially had Paul Dano all arranged to star. Be that as it may, now some normally bothersome planning issues mean he’s out, and they require another driving man. Luckily, they’ve discovered one in Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Patrick Vollrath is composing and coordinating, influencing his full-length to make a big appearance in the wake of scoring an Oscar assignment for his latest no frills short film.

Gordon-Levitt is on board to play Tobias Ellis, a co-pilot on a business flight who needs to manage risk when fear based oppressors commandeer the plane at 30,000 feet. Vollrath has quite recently begun the cameras rolling, and will shoot in Cologne and Vienna. Concerning Gordon-Levitt’s other feasible arrangements, he has a few movies in progress, including a Fraggle Rock motion picture and Wingmen, the comic drama melodic he’ll direct and star in nearby Channing Tatum. Gracious, and – spoiler caution – in the event that you listen intently amid Star Wars: The Last Jedi, you may very well hear his voice, recorded as a cameo for his old companion and executive Rian Johnson.