Han Solo’s Fate decided?

han solo

minds have been blown while han solo located himself at the commercial enterprise end of his son’s lightsaber in big name wars: the pressure awakens. however at the same time, this choice made a few feel, considering that the space opera series commonly throws a major loss of life or into any given trilogy with a view to up the stakes for our heroes on their journey. properly, that, and harrison ford had desired han solo lifeless for a long time. however ultimately, it wasn’t fate or maybe ford that killed our liked smuggler. no, according to disney ceo bob iger, that choice was crafted via people: kathleen kennedy and j.j. abrams, although iger did provide some assistance. he defined the idea procedure thusly:Amazing Marvel Fan Art Imagines Avengers: Infinity War If It Was In The Comics

“you need to reflect onconsideration on legacy because it deserves respect and there is an expectation. however you also should innovate. we had a massive debate approximately han solo, surely. in that, he’s a loved character and, should he die or not? ought to we kill him off? it become in the end, it become a decision that turned into made by kathy kennedy and j.j. abrams, however i got involved.”

so there you have it. if you’re nevertheless harboring a grudge for the demise of han solo, you realize who to address your hate mail to. but while kylo ren’s decision to murder his father does make a contribution to the celebrity wars lifestyle of killing off major mentors, it also serves some other motive: to preserve the story entering into new and sparkling directions. iger’s feedback towards kennedy and abrams’ choice-making method handiest reinforces this, as the reality that there was even a dialogue on whether han have to die or not just shows that it wasn’t something entered into gently.

what also comes out of this communique is that while kathleen kennedy is the pinnacle of lucasfilm, and consequently the de facto ruler of the superstar wars galaxy, bob iger nevertheless plays a somewhat crucial component inside the verbal exchange as well. being the person who essentially runs the entire disney empire, he might obviously get a say within the choices involved within the star wars’ sandbox, as well as the numerous other sections of the organization’s film equipment. so if iger did have any objections to what changed into taking place with han solo’s fate, he would have had a venue to voice them, but in the end he knows that the dollar stops with kennedy.Dave Bautista: Why I Didn’t Want To Be An Action Star

“it does weigh on me. it weighs on me within the sense it’s a unique type of obligation; you suspect loads about it. famous person wars and wonder and disney, there may be a center base of unbelievably devoted and involved fans which might be simply maniacal approximately each nuance of the stories we tell. we consider them.”

so the subsequent time you notice a person die within the superstar wars galaxy, earlier than you begin to curse anybody individual’s call, try and suppose for a moment about how difficult it become to should make that decision within the first vicinity. it’s an awesome concept to hold in mind because the franchise keeps chugging alongside within the coming years.