Gerard Butler Plays a Tough Cop In The Den Of Thieves Trailer

Geostorm may not precisely be going awesome weapons at the multiplex, so Gerard Butler will probably be trusting that him back with a real firearm may attract the group. He’s playing an extreme cop in the trailer for nook of hoodlums

The film takes after a famous group of bank thieves drove by any semblance of Pablo Schreiber and 50 Cent, who have set their sights on an enticing target. $100 million in real money is expelled from dissemination in the States every day, and exchanged to the Federal Reserve to be annihilated. So the convicts’ thought is to snatch it before that happens… Simple, isn’t that so?

Wrongo! On their trail is a world class join of the Los Angeles County’s Sheriff’s Department, instructed by free thinker officer Nick Flanagan (Butler), a man wont to twist the guidelines as much as his objectives.

The movie originates from London Has Fallen author Christian Gudegast, who had been perched on this one for almost 10 years, and ventures up to coordinate subsequent to taking a shot at the content with Paul Scheuring. It’ll be out on 2 February one year from now.