Dwayne johnson(The Rock) Invites San Andreas Hero Boy To The Set Of His New Movie

Dwayne johnson(The Rock) Invites San Andreas Hero Boy To The Set Of His New Movie

Just Last week, we learned about an remarkable tale in which a ten-yr-old boy savedhis little brother’s life through administering CPR he discovered from looking The Rock in a movie. Now, Dwayne Johnson has a superb surprise in shop for the little hero. In a video posted to social media Johnson says that he virtually wants to meet this terrific youngster, so he’s flying the entire own family as much as Vancouver, where the Rock is currently filming, so he can shake the boy’s hand. The Rock says…

He learned the way to do this via looking this huge, brown bald tattooed man in his preferred film, San Andreas. Jacob, I’m so pleased with you. So tons so, I actually have were given to fulfill you. I have got to shake the hand of a real-lifestyles hero. So, someone from my crew goes to touch your family. We’re gonna fly you men up here to Vancouver to the set of Skyscraper.

If you haven’t heard the tale, it’s a honestly excellent one. 10-year-antique Jacob O’Conner went looking for his two-yr-old brother Dylan and discovered him face down in his grandmother’s swimming pool. Jacob pulled his brother out and started to manage chest compressions, which successfully resuscitated his brother. Later, Jacob would credit Dwayne Johnson’s earthquake catastrophe movie San Andreas as the vicinity where he discovered what to do, as the movie incorporates a scene where Johnson’s man or woman should perform this equal process on his daughter.

The Rock had already published a message sharing his mind at the inspirational tale, but now the actor has reputedly determined it is not enough. He’s now flying each brothers and their mom up to Vancouver where Rocky is currently filming the movement film Skyscraper. Other than getting to see an actual working movie set, Dwayne Johnson also tempts the child with all of the chocolates he can eat, which we are sure sounds splendid while you’re 10 years vintage. We’re guessing the set has quite a few extra goodies due to the fact that The Rock possibly hasn’t eaten a chocolate bar in twenty years.Annabelle: Creation Clips Promise a Movie Much Scarier Than The Original


“I gotta shake the hand of a real life 10yr old hero. Jacob, I’m gonna fly you and your family out to Vancouver so I can meet you. Hopefully, your little 2yr old brother, Dylan is well enough to fly because I wanna meet him too. I’ll have some very nice people contact your family in the upcoming days to make the arrangements. Can’t wait to meet you big man. And make sure you bring your sweet tooth! ????????????

We certainly can’t blame The Rock for wanting to meet this kid and shake his hand. We want to meet this kid. The story is truly inspirational and it’s incredibly nice to see Dwayne Johnson reaching out as a way to say thank you. Hopefully, this event will inspire others in the same way that The Rock inspired this boy.