Bali Baby - Winter Wonderland

Bali Baby, the Atlanta rapper who you may know from her vibrant music videos for catchy, pointed viral hits like “Banana Clip” and “Enemies,” has shared “Winter Wonderland,” the new single from her upcoming Bali Blanco EP. The video is as colorful and full of personality as any of her other records, as diamond imagery and warped Louis Vuitton patterns dance around Bali and she puffs a blunt in a fur coat. As for the song, it’s a little more meditative and melodic as Bali sinks into a cavernous beat from 12HUNNA, who will produce the majority of her next project. She remains as braggy and carefree as ever throughout.

The EP will see release this coming Friday, March 30th. It features the previously released “Flavors” as well as a collaboration with YG titled “No Drama.” It follows mixtapes like Bali’s Play 2 and Brazy Bali. Last summer, she collaborated with Trippie Redd on “Woah Woah Woah/Crashbandicoot And Chill.”

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m riding with n***as that like to be grimy
This is my season
I’m feeling real slimey
Ooh, you rap, you lying
You started singing
You sound like you crying
I’m the king of the jungle
Just like I’m a lion

Bali Baby – Winter Wonderland 

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